You can even when you’re busy, exhausted and hate diets!


You’re looking at the mother and daughter team behind Soul Essentials, a company that focusses on helping (mostly busy) women create a healthy and positive lifestyle. We have California roots, live in Amsterdam, love a good glass of wine, and want to teach you step-by-step how to kickstart a healthy lifestyle in just 30 days.

Combining Katelyn’s knowledge on Nutrition & Health Sciences and Carol’s 40 year experience as a health & wellness professional, Soul Essentials has already taught thousands of students how to live a healthy lifestyle that can be enjoyed.

Can we teach you too?



Have you been wanting to live a healthier lifestyle that you can maintain and makes you feel more positive?

This program is for you.

It is for those who only have an hour here or there and want to follow along on their own time.

It is for women who do NOT want to go on yet another diet that is depriving,
takes too much time or will fall apart right after they finish. 

We’ve put all the elements you’ll need in this program to kickstart
and maintain a healthy lifestyle that works for you! 

Just Imagine…

How Good You Will Feel a Month From Now

If You Start Today

Just Imagine…

How Good You Will Feel a Month From Now

If You Start Today


Your energy is low
You're uncomfortable in your own skin
You lack mental clarity & focus
You have body or headaches
You've gained weight
Falling asleep or waking up is hard
Your skin is irritated, dull, dry or breaking out
You feel stressed, overwhelmed or down
Your digestion is out of whack
You seem to catch every virus flown your way

Most detox & diet plans are designed as a quick fix that doesn’t last…

but because we know the struggles that women face,

Our Cleanse & Restore Program gives you a full set of healthy lifestyle tools that will last you a lifetime


Nutrition 101
30 Day Meal Plan & Recipes
Weekly Yoga Classes
Essential Oil Crash Course
Daily Inspiration
Workshop Massage
Detox Your Home Simply
Stress Reduction Tips
Essential Oil Kit
Exclusive Facebook Support Group
Online & Self-Paced


Meet your coaches!

Carol Williams

Carol Williams

Owner Soul Essentials

Katelyn Sadée

Katelyn Sadée

Health & Nutrition Scientist

Emma Ryan

Emma Ryan

Nutritionist & Health Coach



Licensed Massage Therapist

Ronald Besselink

Ronald Besselink

Life Coach & Mediator

Sandra Wilson

Sandra Wilson

Yoga Lifestyle Coach

Eva Sacchetto

Eva Sacchetto

Yoga Teacher Soul Joy

Ingrid Prent

Ingrid Prent

Stress & Burnout Coach

Sandra taught me yoga in the Netherlands. Each session was very special to me. The content of her lessons was appealing and inspiring and they were delivered with warmth and sincerity. She is a true professional combining skills and expertise with her unique and personal touch. I have since been able to use the experience in both international and professional settings in order to relax and reflect between meetings. Her teaching and example has also helped me to address and manage challenges in my personal life concerning a serious illness. I will be eternally grateful for Sandra’s support and teaching.


It is hard to start living healthier by yourself. I was looking for a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t crash and burn after a month or two. This program is just that. The amazing coaches help you take care of your mind, eat healthier without all the fuss, explore essential oils and start feeling your absolute best.


What a great masseuse! Avital gave me a wonderful treatment during a difficult period of my life. Thank you so much!


Ingrid was recommended to me when I started getting symptoms of stress and burnout. After the first meeting, I immediately had a good feeling about her. She listened to me, without judgement or coming up with all kinds of ‘advice’. After Ingrid emailed me a treatment plan, we went to work! I learned how my stress developed and which techniques to use every day to relax. Then we started tackling complex introspective things that I always avoided and did not consider important. Boy was I wrong! It was a special time, sometimes laughing, then crying and it wasn’t always ‘easy’. But the results speak for themselves, I recovered thanks to Ingrid’s fantastic support, and I feel compelled to keep stress out of my life!


Yoga with Eva gives me the spiritual relaxation that I find difficult in daily life. Additionally, yoga contributes to keeping my body strong and agile. I play sports frequently and intensively and Eva’s yoga classes help me prevent the lower back complaints that I struggle with while helping me stay agile. Eva is an experienced yoga teacher, which shows by her diverse classes and the detailed description of the posture and how you can experience this as a student. I intend to continue to integrate yoga into my life. 


Working with Emma feels like you’re meeting with your best friend. Her plans are easy to follow, targeted to what my body needs and effective because she truly gets to know who you are inside and out. She works on emotional and physical aspects to help nourish your body. She’s extremely responsive anytime I have a question and is so encouraging which motivates you to succeed.



Which Package is Best for Me?

We wanted to give women the choice to decide what they want to focus on during the next 30 days. These packages are your entrance ticket into the lifestyle program and are going to support you alongside the program. Plus who doesn’t love getting a new package of gifts in the mail!

You have two options:

1. Complete Lifestyle Package
This package is for women who want to hit the ground running in starting a healthy lifestyle!

This package comes with a larger collection of essential oils, a pretty diffuser, dōTERRA’s essential oil infused wholefoods supplements and an entire range of natural personal care products (like foaming hand wash, toothpaste, shampoo and much more). 

Vegan Option Available

2. Essential Oil Package
This package is for women that would love to explore the full possibilities of pure essential oils for overall well-being.

You’ll receive our top 10 essential oils for beginners and an amazing cold-water diffuser. This includes Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Oregano, Digestive Blend, Immune Blend, Muscle & Joint blend, and Respiratory Blend.

You’ll learn how to use them during your lifestyle program.

Can I also do the program without the packages?

For now, this isn’t possible. We’ve been very lucky to collaborate with a group of very generous people willing to give their services away for free so that anyone can start a healthy lifestyle for as cheap as possible. The value of this 30-day program combined is over 1100 euros but all you have to do is buy the product package you like the most.

As soon as we receive a confirmation that you have purchased either the essential oil package or complete lifestyle package, we will add you to our list of participants.

I’m already a Soul Member, may I join?

Yes of course! Super fun that you want to participate as a member! If you’ve ever bought a package (or kit) from one of the coaches above, then you can participate by going through the following steps: 

  • Make an LRP order for 125PVs in your back office. The choice is entirely yours what you’d like to order but make sure you have the basic essential oils.
  • Send us your name, ID number and date of purchase.
  • After confirming your order we will add you to our list of participants.

If you run into problems or have any questions don’t hesitate to send your contact person an email! 

Which language is the program in?

We are offering the program in both Dutch and English simultaneously.

I live in a different country, may I join?

Absolutely! You can do the program from anywhere as long you can get online and the package can be shipped to you. Most countries are possible! When you click the enroll link, you’ll be asked to put in your country of residency and you’ll see if it possible immediately.

You’ll notice that our prices are in Euros, but once you click on the link to purchase your package you’ll be able to see the full price in your own currency.

What is the nutrition plan like?

We are so incredibly lucky that our generous friend Emma Ryan has given us full access to her nutrition reset program. Her week-by-week plans are easy to follow, vegan-proof, gluten-free and targeted to what your body needs to cleanse and restore.

You can expect to:

  • Feel confident in your body

  • Improve digestion and absorption

  • Increase energy

  • Stabilize Weight (or lose some)

  • Improve sleeping patterns

Is this program right for me?

Although we would love to help everyone, the fact is, this program isn’t for everyone. Check out the list of things we do not offer so you can make the best decision for you. 

  • This is not a fitness challenge.
    We give weekly yoga classes that you can take as often as you’d like, and give tips and motivation on incorporating your favorite types of exercise into your routine.

  • This is not a weight loss program or challenge.
    You will most likely lose weight as you are going to be changing your diet, reduce stress, sleep better and exercise. However, weight loss is a side-effect to a healthier lifestyle rather than the goal. We are a body positive group of people that strives to be the best version of ourselves.

  • It is 100% online
    No need to travel anywhere! You’ll be able to follow along with the program in your own time. We’ll be posting schedules, resources, support, workshops, and classes according to our timetable. But you can check them out whenever you’d like. We will be offering set question & check-in hours for any questions or problems you might run into. You’ll also be getting full support through our facebook group daily.

  • Taking medication or have any health issues?
    Always check with your doctor before participating in any programs. If your doctor gives the OK, you can adapt the program to whichever needs you have. We love essential oils as a huge support for most areas of our life but know that they are not a treatment.

  • Can men join?
    You’ll notice we mostly talk about women here but this program is suitable for any person that wants to make a healthy change to their lifestyle. If you like (to try) yoga, plant-based nutrition, stress reduction techniques, learning how to detox your home and learn to utilize essential oils to support you, then do join us! 

When do you start exactly?

You can join any time as the program is completely self-paced. If you follow the program how it’s meant, it will last you 30 days. You’ll also receive lifetime support from yours truly :).

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase of our program you can return the products to sender within 30 days, and receive either 100% (if products remain unopened) or 90% (products have been opened) of your money back. Shipping costs excluded. Check out our full return policy


I love what this team has put together. After a long period of not really taking care of myself I didn’t want to go on a depriving ‘detox’. It is so important to get support and enjoy yourself when you’re wanting to get back on track. I love these women!


I can’t believe that these amazing teachers and coaches have decided to practically give away their services for free. You’re only paying for AMAZING products and in exchange you get the tools and support to live your best life. Wow!


Before working with Emma, I never wanted to eat because I knew how I would feel after. The pain and tears were not worth the food. But, then I met Emma and she has completely changed my life. Now, I can eat when I’m hungry and not worry about any pain. I love this healthier and happier me.





  • Click the button above that says, “enroll now”
  • Fill in preferred language and country of residence.
  • Select “Wholesale Customer” for Account Type
  • Fill out the “About You” information
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Check if Enroller & Sponsor ID says 5708920 and verify (this is your program ticket).
  • Package 1: Home Essentials Kit
  • Package 2: Natural Solutions Kit
  • Process order & receive package in 4-5 days!
  • Once we have verified you have fully purchased either package, you will receive a welcome email from us.
  • Program starts January 10th!

100% No-Risk Stress Free Purchase

There’s a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t love the course, we’re happy to refund your investment. Check out the conditions in our FAQ.


Please email me directly at 

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